And the semester is ovah!

Tonight marked the last date of my prerequisite classes – Food and Bev. Management, and Food Safety and Sanitation. I’m officially through the first semester.

Food and Beverage Management, which I’m sure most of you have already taken, basically defined what the industry takes for granted as good common sense. We automatically follow certain procedures without really stopping to think about their definition, and this class took 13 weeks of my life to define them. Overall, the class was informative and entertaining at times. We did a really cool marketing project where we had to create our own restaurant and then market it internally and externally. I created an all-grilled-cheese restaurant.

Food Safety went so far beyond what I expected. And although my brain is fried from information overload, this was by far my favorite class. Our instructor was absolutely amazing – there wasn’t one dull class, not one dull moment of which I can speak. And, now I’m super-food-safety girl, certified in HACCP. I’m not, however, certified in food safety. The state would not allow the school to certify students this year, so I’m checking to see if I can piggy back onto a testing date at Disney.

I’m eager to apply all of this new found knowledge to my next semester class – summer session. Because I’m also working, I can only handle 6 credit hours per week, which means only one cooking class during summer session. I’m disappointed I can’t take more, but excited to dive right in.

I’m going to begin my Disney trails across property in about two weeks – everything from quick service to fine dining. I’ve trailed 4 catering events so far at Disney. The best, by far, was trailing Bocuse at Epcot last fall. None have been as exciting, but definitely just as educational.

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