And You Think Carrot Cake is Good For You?!

I read a recent study about the nutritional quality of some popular foods that are known to be a healthier option.It was surprising to see that a fast-food hamburger might be better to eat than a bowl of fresh pasta, and that a cup of ice cream is better than a cup of sorbet.

About a year ago, the U.S. government rearranged the food pyramid to make vegetables and grains the largest food group.The government also put a regular diet of exercise on the very bottom and most important past of the pyramid.Within the past few weeks, the government announced again that the food pyramid is going to be changing soon and the revised edition will be published soon.

Almost every day you see commercials and ads talking about new diets, promoting healthy foods, and workout plans.But, do you really know what your eating?

I recently look at the nutritional information of the Cheesecake Factory, the sister company of the place I work at now; The Grand Lux.The common “healthy choice” of a salad ranges from 600-900 calories per serving, while a Chinese inspired chicken dish would only be 400-600.These plates are extremely large and hold up to 6 servings per plate, tempting you to eat over 3,000 calories in one sitting if you were to finish your plate.For dessert, you might think that having a piece of carrot cake would be a healthier option than a delicious piece of Godiva cheesecake, but you would be eating an astonishing 1,600 calories in one piece!

I am not a trained nutritionist, and I do not think you should follow my beliefs as you would a licensed professional.But, I feel that portion size is almost the most important thing about following a healthy diet.It is all too easy to eat two or three servings in one sitting and this is where you get all of your extra calories.A salad is a great option, but only if you eat the right size and this does not mean a Cesar salad that is the size of Texas.

So, eat what you like to eat, but remember to watch how much you eat.If you dine out frequently, leave some on your plate and take it home.I know you mother always told you to eat all that you order, but I am giving you permission to waste a little for the sake of your waist.

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