Back to school, and Hollandaise

This week, I reviewed, studied and reviewed some more — notes from last semester, text books and my projects all got a work out in preparation for school next week. I was worried I had been away from the Classics for so long that I had forgotten how to make them. But once I put my nose to the books, it all came rushing back.

I’m excited to see my Chef Instructors — I’ve missed them. Although just an email away, I tried to work on my own this summer, without bothering them too often with my food science questions.

A few days before class, I plan to stop in to drop off the bottles of oil I use in class because of my food allergies. Up until the last week of school last semester, no one had really tried to use them — I was surprised and really happy to see how respectful everyone was. Then I caught one of the kids from baking class skimming my corn oil. He claimed Chef made him go get it, but I knew better. I was also asked, quite often, from kids in my own class if they could use my olive oil, using the excuse “so you can taste what I’m making, too.” Unless they were part of my cooking group that day, the answer was always a polite, “No.” This year, I’m going to try to label things even more clearly than before, so the dummy-head in the baking class next door won’t have any excuses.

The only thing left to do is press my Whites and buy a new notebook. I hope we make Hollandaise on the first day — I’m so ready for it!

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