Bacon Makes It Better

So, we're still all on winter break from LCB more snowy week off to play with the kids and actually cook dinner for my family. We've had a great time, but I'm starting to miss the action of the kitchen, the curiosity fueled questions from my students, and the idea generating scenarios I encounter every day that I use as inspiration for my blog posts.

Even without the daily excitement of the culinary school classroom happening around me, there is one topic in particular that can always be used as a source of inspiration. It's BACON, of course! The real reason I chose it to write about tonight is because I just used bacon in a novel way while cooking dinner for my family, and it turned out to be quite successful.

There really aren't too many dishes out there that you can truthfully say would not be better with a bit of bacon mixed in. It's got some seriously powerful kitchen magic in its soul. A first for my family tonight; crispy, crumbled bacon found its way into the guacamole I made for our braised beef short rib tacos. At first, the flavor is subtle and almost unidentifiable, but then the salty smokiness comes through, and your brain makes the realization that what you just ate was one of the world's most delicious ingredients, and suddenly everything makes sense. Avocado, cilantro, garlic, green chilli, lime juice, and...?…what is that?…bacon?…BACON!…OH YEAH!

The bacon guacamole is so good on its own, it ended up seeming almost a shame to use it in a taco along with amazingly tender, rich, sticky, braised beef short ribs. Talk about gilding the lily! In the end, though, my family and I were all so engrossed with the flavors of what we were eating, I certainly didn't notice if anyone actually complained about it all being too good.

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