Baking and Pastry I, by the skin of my teeth

I completely blanked out, as mentioned previously, and missed the tuition deadline for summer session classes. Rightfully so, they bumped me out of Quantity I. Thankfully my super-awesome advisor flipped a switch and allowed me to skip over Q-1 and go right into Baking and Pastry I. I was so excited and happy that I failed to realize this class will be taking place during 100 degree Florida weather with 100% humidity. Nice.

I’m still excited though – maybe I’ll loose those last ten pounds sweating in the baking kitchen. I’m also excited because I’ll have the same Chef instructor I had for Food and Bev. Management. He’s really nice, really funny, laid back. Love it!

PR for the Pie Championship is underway, which I’m excited about. I’m not sure quite what to expect, but ready for it. I also just finished recording with Maggie Mistal on Martha Stewart Radio today, which will air June 3rd. We chatted about my culinary career and how I’m hoping to merge that with my marketing/film experience.

There are two Sous Chef positions that just opened up at Disney. One is part time, the other full time. I asked about the part time position, which is thankfully salaried. I know I’m not qualified in the sense that I don’t have 5 years of culinary experience, nor do I have my certificate or culinary degree yet. But, I have a lot of management experience and a damn good mentor at Disney. I’m hoping they might consider, with the promise I work my tail off on my own time learning each and every station. I know I’d be in WAY over my head, but if the opportunity is there, I’d like to take the chance.

Any advice? I’m fairly certain I’d be picked on, possibly resented, and not taken seriously at first, if the rest of the crew found out how little experience I have…ugh.

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