Level three has begun and with it comes an anxiety level heretofore unknown. This level is the discipline and consistency level, where we rotate through four stations cooking the exact same 16 dishes over and over again. There are strict time limits with only 20 minutes between each dish presentation and I have never seen my classmates so stressed out! I include myself in the nerve-wracked bunch of students, and it doesn’t help that our new chef has an extremely thick French accent. We are all madly trying to get our plates in on time while he’s yelling about removing a “mom-bron.” Mombron? Huh? Oh, “membrane.”

This level is very fast paced, but the time goes by so quickly that you don’t even notice that you haven’t eaten or taken a sip of water in the past 5 hours. I like that feeling, and I think that the pressure level makes us better. They say pressure either busts pipes or makes diamonds, and I’m making diamonds baby!

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