Bottom Ramen

If you look in the kitchen of most college students and 20-something-year-olds you will see ramen noodles.The deep-fried, fast cooking, salty noodles that are as expensive as they are nutritious.You can even buy a ramen cookbookthat gives you plenty of variations of this cheap snack.

Surprisingly enough, even at a culinary school there are a large number of students who eat ramen noodles on a regular basis.I personally wont eat them, but my roommate will eat ramen on a regular basis.As a matter of fact, she is sitting next to me eating some right now!

Each year, there is a “Ramen Noodle Top Chef” contest that happens in the basement kitchen of one of the dorm buildings.There are three categories; appetizers, entrees, and desserts.The contest is just what it sounds like; using ramen to make interesting dishes, and the best one wins first place.

This year there was an Asian chicken salad, made with boc choy, sesame seeds, carrots, and a soy dressing.Ramen burritos made with salsa, black beans, sauteed chorizo, and pepper jack cheese all wrapped in a corn tortilla.And, even ramen noodles with peanut butter, chocolate chips, toasted coconut.

Some of the dishes were surprisingly good!The Asian chicken salad was my favorite and it didn’t even have the greasy-overcooked taste of ramen noodles.Buying ramen still wont be a major priority the next time I head to the grocery store, but I at least have a new outlook of ramen noodles!

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