Bread Makes Me Nervous

I heard back from Chef T this weekend, and indeed, the computer system had the wrong book listed for our class. Instead of Professional Cooking, I should have purchased Advanced Bread and Pastry. Ah, it’s all coming together now.

I’m interested to see what other class peeps show up with on Tuesday…did they question authority and get the correct book? Can’t wait to find out! I noticed three students from my previous classes will be in this class with me. I’m praying they don’t turn out to be “talk-too-much” boy and “smells-like-cat-pee” girl – both whom were in my food and bev. management class. Murphy’s Law, I fear, will certainly pair them with me at some point. Sigh.

After taking some time to look through this monster of a baking book I just purchased, I’m overwhelmed about this class for two reasons: (1) There is a LOT of information in this book and I’m worried about learning it all in such a short period of time. (2) I have no patience for baking and anticipate it’s going to frustrate the h&ll out of me – no patience in terms of time, and no patience in terms of precise measurements/weights. Yeah, I’m impatient.

I also don’t have a pastry kit. Bookstore said they don’t provide one, which means I’m going to have to wait until Tuesday to talk to Chef T again to confirm a materials list. I hate not being prepared, so I’ve nabbed every spare spatula, pastry bag and tip I have laying around the kitchen.

Thought bubble: I need one of those rolling kits…

So, here we go; my very first cooking class!

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