Cheese Please

I arrived at class yesterday hoping to breeze through this week and into an awesome long weekend filled with barbeques, beer, and fireworks. I thought this was an attainable goal, being that the two classes this week involved cheese and pasta, and how hard could that be, right?Little did I know how hard it would be on my stomach to ingest 3 different types of milk, yogurt, and ricotta, and then taste 12 cheeses. Too much dairy!!! Plus there was no wine, which made it infinitely harder to rinse the all encompassing taste of milky barnyard-ness out of your mouth.

Now, don’t get me wrong- I love me some cheese- but it was a struggle to get down some of the last few cheeses (like this one, it tasted like I was licking a goat.) My favorite was the beautiful, creamy roquefort at the end of our tasting; sublimely tart, tangy and rich at the same time. I also was a big fan of the sheep’s milk and the sheep’s milk yogurt, they were the creamiest, richest most wholesome dairy products I’d ever tasted. I would love to make some butter out of sheep’s milk, it would be so intense. After class, some other students and I had to go repair our lactose filled bellies with a little whiskey, and then the weekend felt a lot closer!

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