Chef2Chef Twitter Chat: So You Want to Go to Culinary School....

This week’s Twitter chat will be all about what you need to know in order to go to culinary school.I’m predicting that this will be our best chat yet because it seems like everyone I know wants to be a professional chef or at least cook as well as a professional chef.And since our Twitter followers consist of foodies, aspiring chefs, and professional chefs, we should get some good questions as well as some great advice from those who have made the leap, attended culinary school and become a professional chef.Don’t forget that in addition to our great recipe section and our forums for aspiring and professional chefs, provides you with all the resources you need to find the right culinary school for you if you decide to become the next Eric Ripert or Anthony Bourdain.Our culinary student hub and student blogs provide you a window into what it’s like to attend culinary school.They provide you with an accurate picture of what your future in culinary school might be like.

Here’s an extra bonus for those of you who attended last week’s chat on food safety:Preventing Food-borne Illness:Tips for Playing it Safe.

To participate in tomorrow’s chat at 10am PST, you must follow @Chef2Chef.You can follow along on Twitter or use the private room we've set up on Tweet Chat which I think makes it easier.And don’t forget to tag all of your culinary school related tweets with #chef2chef.

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