Chocolate and Sugar Showpieces

Now that spring break is over and done with, the start of the spring trimester here at Johnson and Wales University has begun.The lab that I am currently in is Chocolate and Sugar Showpieces, like the title states the class is about how to make truffles, pralines, all different kinds of chocolates, and decorative showpieces.

From the first day of class, we were making and finishing chocolates.We started by making hand rolled truffles; my group made a dark chocolate, white Russian, butter truffles, and amaretto truffles.All of the flavors turned out great and tasted amazing; the best part of the first day was just learning several different ways how to properly temper chocolate.

The next few days of this past week we worked on finishing the chocolates and creating new and original flavors.Some interesting flavors that my group worked on was a creamy lemon-mace truffle, pink peppercorn ganache, and even a tobacco truffle which was surprisingly delicious!

This next week we will be starting on different caramels and how to use molds.By the end of this next week everyone in the class will begin working on a chocolate showpiece and chocolate box.I am already loving this class because making chocolates is something I would like to do as a career.I will be taking some pictures of the products made and hopefully will be posted here soon!

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