Choices, Choices, and Not A Decision In Sight

I am from a fairly small town in Michigan, and the restaurant choices were not very vast.After traveling to many different cities and states, I got to see (and taste) some pretty great to pretty bad restaurants.So, when I moved out to Denver last year to start school I was excited to try a lot of new restaurants and see how they stack up.While I have found some pretty bad places that I would not step foot in again, the list of places that I thought were amazing completely outweighed the bad.

A Great Hole-In-The-Wall
Being a college student, finding a great “greasy spoon” diner that stays open late and has great food is sometimes hard to find.A friend of mine introduced me to Pete’s Kitchen.Open 24-hours and has been family owned sense its opening 45 years ago.Now the food is not gourmet in any stretch of the word, but it is good.Not only is their breakfast food great at anytime of the day, but their house made fries are my recommendation.Pete’s has won numerous awards over the years for their great burgers and burritos, and the awards are accurate!If you are in Denver, and are looking for a cheap place to eat at any time of the day or night check out Pete’s.And hey, you might even see me there!

Can’t Decide Which To Choose
I love Italian food, and Denver has some great places to eat traditional and contemporary Italian.I have a few favorites around the city that I like to frequent but there is one places that I would go to above all.Campo De Fiori.This traditional Italian trattoria in the trendy Cherry Creek North district is quietly nestled under the street level and is hard to find.The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and they make you feel like you are part of the family.The food is just as comfortable, simple and delicious with everything from sea scallops, house-made ravioli, and tiramisu.

On The Sweet Side
Seeing as I am a Baking and Pastry Major I am always looking for a good place to fill my sweet spot.Where I go always varies depending on what I am craving.From just getting a crispy chocolate croissant or delicious home-made ice cream.But, if I were going to go to any one place for dessert that would have to be Solera.Solera is a fairly small upscale restaurant and wine bar.During the warmer weather, you can sit outside in their beautiful garden and enjoy your meal around the wonderful smells of flowers.Not only is the food amazing and usually impeccable, but so is the service!But, the one thing I would keep me coming back is the bread pudding.You might think that this plain and unimpressive dessert is not something that you could go to a restaurant for in particular, but this is worth it!The flavor is amazing and the texture is just right.Not too gummy or eggy, while rich and moist with flavours of rum, vanilla, and cinnamon.I have asked for the recipe but the chef is keeping tight lipped!Maybe with some time I can get him to give in!

Lets Add A Little Spice
The Savory Spice Shop in downtown Denver is a place that no foodie or culinarian or anyone who likes to eat should pass up!The Savory Spice Shop is just like the name, a store devoted to herbs and spices.You can buy just about everything you could possibly want, even rare and unusually spices like Epazote which is used in Guatemalan dishes.If you are looking for the more common items, the offer many different varieties and styles of the “household” spices.This includes seven different types of cinnamon and over 20 different types of chili powder!They grind and mill all of their own spices and can even grind up your own personal batch.For fresh spices, great house blends, and unique flavors the Savory Spice Shop is some place you cannot pass up!

Well, I hope that you might try out some of these places and will enjoy them as much as I do!Happy eating!

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