Class Saucier

I love making stocks, soups and sauces; it’s by far, my favorite thing to create in the kitchen. So when I was somehow dubbed class saucier this semester, I wasn’t complaining.

Each time we make a stock, sauce or soup in bulk for the class, it’s assigned to me. I’m proud that Chef trusts me enough to cook these for the class and instructors. Beyond that though, I’ve had a chance, more so than anyone else, to perfect my sauces and further develop my palate.

On the flip side, I spoke to Chef today about skipping Baking II class and applying for life credit. He asked, “Do you work in a bakery?” “No,” I replied. “Then you have to take the class.” “Fair enough,” I said. And commented that I’d like the class to be a little more challenging, and will probably ask the baking chef to work with me more on food science.

Oh, and I heard back from the 5-diamond restaurant this week. They’re checking on a part time position for me while I’m still in school. The entire operation relies on the saucier, with whom I had the pleasure of working when I shadowed a couple of weeks ago. They usually start new employees on cold hors d.s, but I’m hoping I can step in to help the saucier.

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