Coffee Crazy

I've never been a caffeine addict - until recently.

It started innocently enough. I'd sip a soy latte or a cappuccino as a treat every once in awhile, usually on weekends. Then one day in class I started drinking coffee because I was tired from a late night before and could barely stay awake while learning about some science behind baking bread. It all sounded like computer science for all I knew.

So I kept chugging the coffee with a splash of cream and a dash of sugar (yes, I know I'm not a purist here). For many of my classmates, though, coffee was a must. They needed it for the extra boost in energy, the caffeine or just the taste of it. It's a ritual and a love for them. Me? I never wanted to drink it much because any sort of addiction seemed futile to me.

But with a busy school schedule and internships, my coffee addiction started to grow. And so did my budget for the local coffee shop around the corner and Starbucks. I don't know if I was drinking out of a need for caffeine or that I simply like the taste and aroma of coffee.

Enter the French press. I've decided I need to make coffee at home to save money (we're in a recession after all). I didn't want to buy a bulky automatic brewer for my small studio. So I decided on the French press for its size and style. I'll brew my first up with it this weekend. It's Friday, but I can almost taste the weekend now.

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