Cookies Galore

I love my new class: cookies, tarts, and mignardise. Like breads class, it is a production class. Most of what we make goes to the public. I love this because there is a lot to be done and no time for slacking. The production aspect tends to make me that much more aware of what I’m doing. Obviously, I’m a student, nothing is “perfect” but so far my partner and I have done well.

The first day of class we were assigned black and white cookies. At first I thought they were the classic NYC black and white, but actually were a drop cookie with walnuts, dark and white chocolate. These little guys were basically packed with the garnish and the dough more or less seemed to hold the garnish in place.

Day two we went up to two items. This was a bar cookie day. Every team was assigned a biscotti flavor. Ours was pistachio and used the creaming method. Because of this it required refrigeration and were not baked off the same day. We also made peanut butter bars which again did not fit what I expected in my head. We piped the dough into small molds, placed a few peanuts on top, and after cooling, piped chocolate fondant.

On day three, we started by baking our biscotti about 80% of the way. While the biscotti baked we got to work on that day’s assigned tasks: financiers and rugalah. We started with the rugalah dough since it required time in the fridge to relax after a light rolling and three fold. After finishing piping the financiers into the same mold as the peanut butter bars and getting them in the oven we finished up our rugalah. They were then baked off as well.

And then it was already Friday, day four, a week into the block. While lecture was going on our sliced biscotti were finished off in a low degree oven (200 degrees) for about an hour. It seems by this day my partner and I have found our groove working together. The day went smoothly and we quickly finished our scottish shortbread and made our assigned ice box cookies for the freezer (chinese almond). Before leaving for dinner, we sliced up frozen cookie dough which we then baked off upon our return. After cleaning, a small demo, and a tape on chocolate tempering, we were then sent off into the weekend.

Overall, it was a great first week. I’m not sure if I’ve just adjusted to the flow of things here at school, but it was definitely the least amount of stress I’ve felt starting a new class.

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