Creamy Martini?

After the torturous “60 drinks in 60 seconds” test, it is now close to final exams, which also means final projects. The final exam is in two weeks (exactly) and will be comprised of multiple choice questions about everything we have covered in class. From how wine is made, to what the process is for separating milk and cream, to advanced brewing and fermenting procedures for beer and spirits. While I am a little concerned about just how much detailed information I will need to remember, for the most part I am quite prepared.

Our final project is to come up with the plans for our own bar or restaurant, any business that would have a bar or serve alcoholic beverages. We had to come up with 30 unique beverages–10 had to be vodka based, 10 were rum based, 5 were tequila based, and the other 5 were our choice.

For my project, I follow the same business plan that I have for my future business: a dessert bar. All of my drinks (with the exception of 2) were chocolate based, and each was paired with one plated dessert or confection that will be sold in the bakery and dessert bar; although this part was not necessary.

Here is one to share with you from my project:

The Orange Peel

3 oz Orange Vodka
1 oz Triple Sec
2 oz Dark Chocolate Liqueur

-Dust the rim of a martini glass with cocoa powder and set aside a candied orange peel. In a shaker full of ice pour in all ingredients and shake vigorously. Strain and pour into the martini glass. Place candied orange peel on the outside of the rim and enjoy!

While we spent time talking about our drink selections in class, it was great to hear some of the interesting flavor choices. Like a Cucumber Mojito, a Spiced Lemon Martini, combinations of Acai Berry and Tequila (quite amazing!), and even a peanut butter and concord jelly martini that was surprisingly amazing.

Of course, there were some astounding blunders. Like the creamy martini that was basically a regularly martini with cream poured in. The “Mexican Breakfast,” which was a combination of green tomato, lime, jalapenos, and vodka put into a smoothie. And my favorite of the “What were you thinking?!” category: a curdled pigs blood with Tabasco and gin.

No one tried that drink.

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