Crunch Time

There is only one week left before exams start here at Johnson and Wales.Like any school, this time is filled with presentations, large final projects, and multiple tests and quizzes to practice for exams.And, like any school, these next few weeks are going to be very stressful.

Menu Planning and Cost Controls
The final project due for my menu planning and cost controls class is a labor and wages project.What is this project you ask?Well, I couldn’t tell you.The current teacher of this class has been with Johnson and Wales sense the Denver campus opened 8 years ago, but this is his first time teaching Menu Planning and Cost Controls.This means for the students that there are a lot of kinks that are being worked out on us, and our grades.

Am I actually Learning?
Our teacher is a good man and I have had him for several classes so far, but as far as this menu planning class; every day is a test in my patients.Our tests are designed on content that was never addressed in class, our homework does not match up with what we studied that day, and the book I spent $450 on hasn’t been used once.I understand that sometimes this has to happen, to figure out how to make this class run smoothly in the future.But, I really don’t want to be the guinea pig.

So for this project, we are require to make a labor schedule for servers and kitchen staff based on a fictional restaurant that we have made up in a previous assignment. Our teacher emailed us a blank template of what to turn in, the only problem is the blank template is too blank.There is no information given on what our teacher wants or even how to do it.When questions have been asked of him in class to elaborate on how to do the project, he replies to everyone with a “read the assignment”.

This leaves us with no clue what to do for this project and what to turn in.I only have a few more days to turn it in and its worth 10% of our grade, and I am very worried what the outcome of me just guessing how to do this project will end up.As of right now I have an ‘A’ in the class, so even if I completely fail the assignment it would not be the end of the world.But, who doesn’t want to get 100% on their project and ace the class?

I guess I will just have to wing it the best I can, and hope for a passing grade!

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