D Bar

I finally visited a relatively new restaurant in Denver called D Bar Desserts. Owned and operated by famous Food Network chef and host Keegan Gerhard and his wife, D Bar specializes in gourmet desserts that are made and plated right in front of you.Located in the trendy section of downtown on 17th street, D Bar is in a prime area for people looking for a drink and dessert.

My Experience
When I first walked in I immediately saw the tall Keegan Gerhard standing behind the bar plating a dessert. We were sat at the bar, seeing how these were the only two seats left in the packed and small room.Keegan looked up and said hello, we exchanged some pleasantries but I could tell he was trying to remember how he knew my face.I assisted in two Food Network Challenges, but I have not seen or talked to him in almost two years now.

Although I came into the place with just the thought of having a dessert, Keegan insisted I try a few of his menu items.He quickly brought us his favorite plate of Kobe Sliders.They were tasty, but fairly forgettable.Topped with white cheddar and with a side of homemade french fries, the little hamburgers were nothing extra special.

We followed that up with the smoked cherries and chocolate, and the cake and shake.Both were good and well executed, I thought the combination of a smoke cherry and dark chocolate was very creative and delicious.The only downside was there was only one cherry!

Cons and Cons
While the food was good, I was disappointed that a dessert bar would have such a short list of sweets.Also, if you come during the lunch hour, none of them are available.At that time, you can choose from a small list of pre-made desserts in a display case.

While the decor in the place is trendy and hip, the seats are very uncomfortable.For a place that emphasizes staying for a while and relaxing with friends atmosphere inspires a cold feel.Also, D Bar advertises that you can sit at the bar and watch your dish being made right in front of you.This is a well-worded phrase seeing how nothing is made in front of you, but only a few desserts and carefully placed on its plate and than set in front of you for eating.

While I most likely won’t be back for the pricey desserts, I would reccomend that you try D Bar desserts.I feel that part of the appeal of D Bar is Keegan Gerhard, and he is really a nice guy and a fun personality.The concept of D Bar is a refreshing new idea for Denver, and hopefully we will see more of the same in the future.

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