Decorating Disasters

I was recently at the grocery store and stopped by the bakery section to see the cakes. While I don’t expect your neighborhood grocery store to decorate cakes with the same attention to detail and passion that I do, I think we can agree that at least spelling correctly is important. The first cake I spotted was a sheet cake with blobs that were meant to represent balloons and the phrase “Happy Burtday” written in the center that looks like a second-grader practicing their cursive for the first time.

Cake Wrecks
Later that day I was wasting time online by looking for other cake decorating ‘masterpieces’ and found a site called Cake Wrecks. Cake Wrecks in a blog devoted to fan submissions of the worst cakes out there. There is the occasional section of expertly decorated cakes of a fun theme, like this spring cake section. Though, for the most part you can sift though pictures of some of the worst creations I have seen.

Did you really try to sell that?
Most of the pictures on the site show the cakes covered with a price tag, ready to sell. I wonder honestly who looked at a cake that was just decorated with incorrect spelling and decorations so terrible you can’t tell what the occasion is for and thought they could actually make a profit from selling it!

I hope to eventually open my own business, so a close attention to detail is a skill that I pride myself on. With any product that I make, I think to myself “would I sell this at my bakery?”. Usually my answer is yes! But, if I was the manager looking at some of these creations…I would have to sit down to think of what to say to the employee who just created a cake like this one.

If you’re buying…
As you look through the site Cake Wrecks, you find yourself wondering just how many terrible cakes like this can exist in this world, and who would pay for it?! Though sadly, if these hideous creations keep appearing on store shelves, obviously someone is willing to pay their hard-earned cash for it.

While I am sure cakes like some of the ones found on Cake Wrecks are much cheaper than going to reputable baker, wouldn’t you want to help out the small business and have a beautiful (and correctly spelled cake) by just spending a little more money?

I’m just saying….

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