Dietary Restrictions: Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Lemons for LemonadeFor the past two years I’ve been making headway on a food enthusiast’s worst nightmare: Candida Related Complex (CRC), and food intolerance (potatoes, vanilla, coconut, oats), and possibly Celiac Disease as well (those tests are pending).Are you feeling my pity party? I have friends with Celiac Disease and I’ve followed an Atkins diet for quite some time(that’s actually how I figured out my stomach problems were diet/digestion-related), so I’m not unfamiliar with food restrictions. But the diet for these three in combination is a different ballgame all together.

And I’ve been a little down about it. I love food! I recently relocated to San Francisco and it seems a little cruel to finally live in a city with a Zagat’s Guide only to know that I can’t eat at 97% of the restaurants without either becoming sick or having to request something that doesn’t resemble any of the menu items. Instead, I’m focusing on becoming inspired.

I visit Chef2Chef all the time but hadn’t thought about blogging until I decided that I’d better get creative before I starve.And even if there aren’t other folks on C2C dealing with this exact diet, there are loads of reasons why folks modify recipes. So I figured I may as well post about my new culinary adventures.

Last week I was in Tuscon visiting some friends who have a lemon tree–a lemon tree that was in desperate need of picking. As lemons are one of the only fruits I’m able to eat right now, I was lovingly sent home with a whole box to squeeze. And boy, did I squeeze! I have a pitcher full of lemon juice that I’m pouring into ice cube trays and then transferring to freezer bags.Should come in very handy for homemade non-vinaigrette dressings and a load of other things.

I wanted to do something a little bit different for lemonade.Side note: I was daydreaming about which flavored vodka would pair best with this (can’t drink alcohol on this diet).I’m thinking Absolut Pepper would be pretty stellar (there goes the all-natural effort).If anyone gives it a try, let me know.


Steep lavender in 3 cups of boiling, filtered water.Add lemon juice and stevia to taste.This is the color–it’s a beautiful completely natural pink lemonade.

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