Do We Ever Change?

Next week I start back up with classes again after being away on medical leave.I am taking more online classes at Johnson and Wales to continue my Food Service Management degree.I am looking forward to starting this beverage management and mixology course, but am a little curious to see how this will play out online.Will my teacher be asking us to mix and taste drinks while I am still at home in my jammies?!Does the sip-and-spit rule still apply when I am not on campus but still taking a class?I guess they will never know, right?Shh…don’t give away my secret please!

The Anxiety Flag is Waving
To be honest, I don’t know what to expect when Monday comes around.Even though it has only been a few months since not taking classes, to me: it feels like an eternity.I know, like always, I will do fine in my classes and achieve good grades. It has always been a part of my process to stress out at the beginning of a trimester; before I really have a grasp on the course, my professor, and what is expected of me as a student.

It’s True, Everything is Okay
I didn’t help myself out any when two weeks ago I went onto Ulearn (the web-client used to take online courses) and I could not log-in.Of course I immediately freaked out, thinking that with the Thanksgiving break coming up that there would be no way someone could help me fix the issue in time and that I might be behind in my class.Finally, after several messages to the help desk and IT department, I was told that it is protocol and that I cannot even log into my account until a week before my classes begin.

All that worry over nothing!

Tomorrow marks the first day that I can log-in to Ulearn and start looking over my course information.Once again my silly behavior of “first-day” anxiety has been repeated; now I can take a deep breath and start some interesting classes.

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