Dorm Living

Living at Johnson and Wales is really no different than any other college dorms.You can’t have toasters, there is an RA looking over your shoulder at all times, and the other students have no respect for what time you might be sleeping.

If you are planning on going to college and you cannot decided whether to live on campus or not, let me make the decision easy for you: yes!I really enjoy living on campus and all the advantages that it brings.Not only am I only a step away from class, which is great when you over sleep and have 2 minuets to run to class, but you make a lot of friends.

I’m sure you have already heard plenty of stories about the dorm activities that are planned, the practice fire alarms the go off when your in the shower, and lets not forget parties and pranks.But, I thought you would like to hear what it is really like to live here.

When you live in a dorm you are surrounded by all your friends, just walk down the hall and knock on a door and there is always someone up for watching a movie or playing monopoly at 4 AM.If there is ever something wrong you have your own personal therapist (the RA) to help you out.

Of course, there are some negatives about living in a dorm.Lately the card scanner on the first door has not been working and sometimes I have to wait 20 minuets in the freezing weather before someone lets me in.In another dorm, the elevator frequently breaks down and students can be trapped inside.Unfortunately my room is facing the parking lot no one really respects the fact that someone might be sleeping at 3:30 AM on a Tuesday.

But, I would not pass any of that up.I have had some really great experiences from living on campus.I have made a lot of friends and have some really good memories based around being in a dorm.So, when you come to school I highly recommend spending at least one year in a dorm, trust me it is worth it!

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