Eleven More Weeks of Winter

Recently, Punxsutawney Phil stuck his head out at the Denver campus of Johnson and Wales and proclaimed that there would be eleven more weeks of class!

The spring trimester has just begun, and I am already counting down the days until summer break is here. I am currently taking Sociology, Contemporary Issues in the Food Service Industry, Macroeconomics, and Food in Film and Literature. While I am thankful to only go to class on Mondays and Wednesdays, my days start at 7am and go until about 8pm.

I am looking forward to getting more into the Food in Film and Literature class. We are reading one of my very first favorite books, Like Water for Chocolate, and subsequently watching the movie as well. This book and movie is something that helped develop my love of food. I remember my mom and I watching the movie when I was a child, I would imagine myself as Tita in a great love affair and making quails in rose-petal sauce. Ok, I still sort of imagine myself as her…minus the taking care of my mother for the rest of my life and never getting married. (I love you mom, but not that much!)

In that class, along with Contemporary Issues in the Food Service Industry, we get to spend most of the time watching some great movies like Chocolat; Food, Inc; Eat Love Man Woman; Babettes Feast; and of course my favorite: Like Water for Chocolate.

There will be a lot of writing homework, with having to write long movie and book reviews for each title, but seeing as I am passionate about all of these, it should be fun. I look forward to this trimester, and I really feel I will get a lot out of these classes.

The only negative that I have so far is that the total cost for all of the books that I need to buy plus the movies I will have to either purchase or rent will be almost $600! I have been doing my best to beg friends and random classmates to see if they have any of these books, but so far no such luck! Anyone have some books they feel like sending me?

I know there really won’t be eleven more weeks of winter here, but one can never be sure here in Colorado. Yesterday it was almost 65F degrees and sunny, then today it was been gray and snowing! At least I have a stack of good food-related books to curl up and keep warm with.

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