Finals Week Part 1

It is the last four days of this lab and is now our finals week.Each day we have several items that our group has to make and at the end of the day we are graded on how well we did.

Day One
We came into class and immediately started our day.This is unusual for us, normally starting out class with a long lecture that results in me falling asleep in class.But, today we went straight into making our breads.

Our table had to make brioche, bread sticks, and crackers.We started out by making the brioche.The times that we made this dough in class, the formula was perfect.It didn’t need to be adjusted with flour or water to make the dough the right consistency.But, today didn’t go the same.The dough was so wet that it was almost the consistency of pancake batter.I wasn’t sure if maybe it was scaled wrong, so I just kept adding flour.Almost another 4 pounds of flour!Thankfully our chef didn’t see how much flour I needed to add to the dough to make it right, otherwise I fear he might have given our table a bad grade.

After letting the dough ferment, rise, and proof it was time to put the dough in the oven.Crossing my fingers, hoping that the bread turned out right.And, it turned out perfectly!The bread looked great and was perfectly cooked.

We plated up the brioche, crackers, and bread sticks on a serving platter for our chef to come around and judge.Both the making of the crackers and bread sticks went perfectly.Both tasting great and being perfectly browned.When Chef came around to our table, it was time for our judgment.I figured we were going to get straight 10’s on all our products, but I was sadly mistaken.Chef commented that our brioche and crackers looked great but that the bread sticks did not.

I really didn’t understand what was wrong, he said that the shape was not even, and that the breadsticks looked rough.I took what he said, and we moved on.When our chef moved onto the next table, which made all the same prodcuts we did, I figured that he would make the same comments. Again I was wrong!

He said that their bread sticks looked great!We used the same dough, so how could they be so different.I was pretty frustrated, but I know that talking to our Chef about it would not help my situation.So I settled with making them again the next day to try to do better.

This is what our final display looked like.Crackers, Brioche, and Bread sticks.

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