Finding The Right Fix

We've all, at one time or another, found ourselves in a state of culinary panic when we realize that we don't have the correct sized pan for the cake we're baking or that we are missing a key ingredient in a recipe that we're half way through. When improvisation becomes the solution to these problems, the results are often disastrous, but thanks to the Internet, it's now possible to get yourself out of just about any such pickle.

For baking pan emergencies I always turn to the website Baking911. I have yet to come across a baking problem that I couldn't resolve with the help of this site, but the page I have used the most is the one that discusses baking pan substitutions. Not only does it list the dimensions and volume of every type of baking pan, but also offers numerous tips such as how to convert recipes using mathematical calculations and helpful hints regarding how full to fill your baking pans. This site also provides hundreds of recipes and technique advice for everything from candy making to bread baking.

When missing ingredients become an issue, I often turn to the site The Joy of Baking. Here you can find substitutions for just about any ingredient you use in baking such as baking powder or cake flour. The Cook's Thesaurus is another good site for ingredient substitutions.

There are also a number of food specific sites out there that offer some good ideas for ingredient substitutions. With the number of gluten intolerant people on the rise, sites such as Gluten Free Works and blogs, like Gluten Free Goddess, offer some great solutions to an otherwise daunting problem. Other sites, such as Savvy Vegetarian and In A Vegetarian Kitchen offer substitution suggestions for vegans and vegetarians.

So the next time you find yourself without the correct ingredients on hand, or have the need to alter a recipe for health reasons or simply because you don’t have the right equipment, turn to one of these useful sites to find the solution to just about any problem you encounter.

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