First Day, Well Week, of School

Tuesday was not only the first day of school for Johnson and Wales, but for schools all over the country.Like any college there were plenty of back-to-school events; like coffee nights, new club meetings, and long lines in the bookstore.Although, sadly, I did not get to partake in any events.

Collegiate Home Schooling
While I am missing all of the fun events that go on during the first week of school, I am do not have to sit in a classroom for two hours straight.For the next few months I will be taking three online courses from my laptop here in Ann Arbor, Michigan.The classes consist of Food Service Management Systems and Human Resource Applications, General Psychology, and Hospitality Strategic Marketing.Even though I will still be responsible for homework, listening and reading lectures, and writing long (and personally boring) essays, I get to do all of this from the comfort of my comfy couch.

At this very moment, I write to you while sitting in my favorite pink pajama pants and a Johnson and Wales Culinary Department tee-shirt which displays a picture of cookie monster proudly holding a chef’s knife.While not having to leave the house is a positive, not actually having to attend a regular class to keep you on a schedule will be difficult for me.

I am Now A Computer-Learner.
Like so many people in the food service industry, I have a creative mind.I have never done well with sitting at a desk all day doing busy work and writing 15 page-long research papers.I learn the best by having a hands and eyes on approach.If you show me how to make something just once, I can repeat it for you to a T.But, tell me it to my face and I will need to have the directions explained more than once again.Having to now learn from my computer screen will not be an easy task.I will have to work doubly hard to retain the information that I read.

While getting the homework done and perfecting any projects on time is not my concern, taking a timed exam online is.I hope that I will be able to stay focused and retain as much information as I can from the readings.No assignments are due yet, though I have already started a paper due at the end of next week.I am crossing my fingers that everything is smooth sailing and that I receive a good grade!

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