Food In Film and Literature

We are a little over half of the way done with the winter trimester at school. Each day seems to go so slow for me with everything that I have going on in my life.Yet,I am amazed when I look at the online school calendar to see how fast this trimester has gone!

Food In Film and Literature
I have really enjoyed taking the food in film and literature class.I have read and viewed almost all of the works we are discussing, but its fun to analyse and see them in a new light.When you watch most Disney classic cartoon movies,you don’t think about the religious symbolism and meaning of an apple like in Snow White.

The Movie That Started It All
Today I re-watched the movie Like Water for Chocolate, for the reason of writing a film review about camera angles and how it relates to food.I can’t even count how many times I have seen the movie, it must be close to 200!I grew up watching this movie and I think in some ways this is the movie that first began my desire to be a professional chef.

This was the first time that I watched Like Water for Chocolate; only looking at the food and paid attention to how they showed the food throughout the movie.A part of the movie and book that I have always been ‘intoxicated’ by is the part about the quail in rose petal sauce dish.This is such a beautiful scene, not only in how the food is prepared and cooked but also the meaning behind the dish, and what happens to the people when they eat it.

I have always wanted to make this dish; just how it is written in the book.I am not sure why I have never actually gone through with making this dish; part of the reason may be because I didnt know how to get my hands on the type of cactus used in the book.It think i will just have to give in and use a different ingredient.After searching online I found that you can substitute tart plums, so now I have no excuse!

The great thing about the author, Laura Esquivel, is that she weaves the directions and method of preparation for the dish throughouteach chapter.She is able to fully explain how to make the dish while telling the story of Tita and the other main characters.This book is more than just a romance novel, but is a great read for anyone who is a proverbial “foodie”.If you haven’t read Like Water for Chocolate before, you should add it to your list of must reads!

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