Food Music

Just about every time I am working on my homework and my mother is home, she walks in and asks me, “aren’t you supposed to be working on homework?”She asks me this because I typically have music playing or a movie going at the same time as me working on homework.To some people this may seem odd, to watch a movie and work on homework at the same time.To me, this is the best way for me to concentrate.Even from a young ageI would always need some sort of background noise or something to multi-task with in order for me to concentrate at my best.When I try to work on homework without music, it is harder for me to concentrate.My mother is the complete opposite, if I am in the same room breathing I thinkmay justdistract her!

Music is my Bodyguard
I certainly understand that some people need to be in complete silence to be able to work and concentrate, but I just have never been that way.When I started my first job as a pastry chef in a new bakery (you can read about it in some of my other posts), we would always have music on.I used to come in at 4am to start work by myself, and I would always feel a bit scared about being there alone without music playing.I think I have always been comforted by the sound of music when I am alone, like music could be my invisible bodyguard.

No music in School?
My first set of labs in culinary school were always done in silence, well for the most part.Some teachers were OK with us talking as long as we got things done and others were pretty strict about only talking if it was about what tasks we were completing.On the rare occasion a Chef would allow us to bring in some music to play in class.

After talking with some of my Culinarian peers it seemed that the consensus was all fairly similar.The same people who needed silence to study best also didn’t want music playing when they cooked, and the people like me also wanted music playing when they cooked.Also, the type of music varied accordingly to personal preference.I personally like to listen to music that is upbeat and has a faster tempo in both situations.One friend likes to listen to classical only when she cooks and studies, but not at other times.

Plus or minus a thousand
I only talked with a few people about this so who knows how accurate of a survey this is.Are you the same type of person as me, or are you the type of person who needs quiet?Do you also feel the same about when you cook?Maybe my mom is right, and it is very unusual that I work best with a lot going on around me.I am interested in knowing!Either way I know everyone has their own set of things that helps them to perform the best, what’s yours?

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