Food Sick and Sick Food

There may not be one single person in the United States that doesn’t feel that airplane food, hospital food, and school food is all horrible and should be avoided at all cost.Everyone has had first hand experience with at least one of these establishments’ style of food, and we have all judged it in our own way.

Its easy to understand that when cooking for that many people at one time, to keep the cost reasonable the quality of the food has to be sacrificed.As a Pastry Chef and general foodie, I know that I am pretty critical of food.Okay, I am extremely critical!But, it doesn’t take a professional to see when a dish is barely palatable and unrecognizable.

Balanced does not mean healthy
I personally have spent more than enough time in a hospital, and the only thing that I would look forward to during meal time was playing the guessing game to identify what just was the gray pile on the plate.Most of the food is completely overcooked, highly processed, and bland.It goes without saying that one of the most important businesses to supply a delicious and health meal would be a hospital.Not only is healing started by medicines and science, but also a positive outlook and delicious and healthy food.

What can be done
How can one grow stronger and continue to heal when the food that they are supplied with is just as bad for you as eating out of the vending machines in the cafeteria?Thankfully, people around the country are doing something to change that.Different groups and consulting companies (like FoodMed) are working to provide hospitals and schools with the tools to transform their old food service plans into a sustainable and cost effective delicious and healthy eatery.

These groups teach prospective businesses how to not only save money but to serve meals that might even rival a fine dining restaurant.Sunny-brook Hospital in Toronto, Canada is one such place that has recently changed for the positive.Not only are they saving money by serving dishes that include chicken raised on the premises, fresh salad greens, and even certified organic dishes like shepherds pie; but they are also going green by being able to recycle more and buy less.

While it may be some time before you see a drastic change at your local hospital or school, but it is in our futures.To help the cause be implemented faster, support by voicing your thoughts that this is a change that needs to happen and that is important to you and your community.

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