Fully-Stocked or Not?

It is said that you can tell a lot about a man from the car he drives, or that you can know a woman by what kind of shoes she wears.These phrases are well known around our country, but I believe you can learn everything about a person from whats in their fridge.

What’s in their fridge
The busy business woman, whom is very goal driven, will have an empty kitchen with a few bottles of wine chilling and ice cream in the freezer, and plenty of take-out menus that are easily accessible.Of course there are some cliches, like the college bachelor will have beer and an old bottle or catsup and that the hippie type will have yogurt, granola, and some form of soy milk.But, the contents of your fridge really does show a lot about your personality.

What’s in My Fridge
Right now if you open my fridge you will immediately see the gallon of milk, cranberry juice, a brita water pitcher, orange juice, and a box of capri sun juice that my roommate likes to drink.I always like to have a wide array of things to drink each day, its important to me to keep hydrated.Next you will see the occasional pasta salad from Whole Foods, a few different artisanal cheeses, and a cucumber.Being very buys with work and school I do not always have time to stock my fridge and make a lot of meals, so I just buy some good snack foods to keep me going through the day.Crouching to the bottom, you can see the container of puppy chow made recently and the obligatory old leftovers brought home from work or delivered from my favorite Chinese restaurant.

What’s in Your Fridge
Whether you keep very little in your refrigerator or you have it fully stocked for your hungry and growing family, there are a few things you should know to keep you and your fridge healthy.While having a box of baking soda in the back of your fridge will help to cut down on nasty smells, it does not work that well.Instead, put a few pieces of charcoal into an open bowl and place in the back of your fridge (if you have a larger or very full fridge, use more) and replace every 1-2 months or if the smell comes back.Not only does charcoal take the smell out, but also harmful gases and bacteria that make fruit and vegetables rot quicker.

Store all fruits above any vegetables and herbs.Fruits such as apples and pears give off a gas that promote mold growth in vegetables.If you need to store garlic and onions in your fridge, put them in an airtight container at the bottom of the fridge, preferably in a crisper drawer.This will ensure that things like milk, butter, and fruits will not pick up the smell.

Although it saves space, storing your eggs and milk in the door is not good for these products.The temperature in the door is usually close to room temperature, and every time the door is opened it gets even warmer.Only store products in the door that are okay to not be at 40F degrees or lower, such as coffee, condiments, and cheeses.

I hope that these few tips will help you, and that maybe from reading this you will now go and clean out your fridge.I know that this is what I will be doing tonight!

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