Go Go Gadget....juicer?

In the kitchen, everyone has their own style of cooking and the way that they want their kitchen to be run.I am not just talking about professional chefs.You might be the kind of person that only has one fork, one spoon, one knife, and orders to-go food everyday.You might be the kind of person that has every little kitchen gadgets and appliances that you could possibly find, and your pantry is filled with every type of pasta, rice, and canned good.

I have a friend who has an enormous kitchen that it just full of every time of machine you could think of.From a mango peeler, yes its JUST for mangoes, to a garlic roasting machine that plugs into the wall.All of these odd gadgets that just sit about and take up space, and each one is only used for one purpose.

For me, I like to have a few tools that have a multitude of purposes.Less is more in my kitchen and here are a few essential tools that I love:

1: My mixer!I am a pastry student so baking is a big part of my life.Not only can you make breads, cakes, and cookies in your mixer but you can also whip up mashed potatoes, make pasta, and even salad dressings.

2: A pair of tongs.Tongs seem like an obvious tool but you cant live without tongs when cooking.You really don’t need fancy meat hooks or hot dog flippers, a decent pair of tongs will do you well.

3:One good sauce pot and one good saute pan.Having a counter-top grill, plugin egg poacher, and a microwave pasta maker may be cool and an interesting gift but how often are you going to use it?You can do all those things in more in just a simple pot and pan.My suggestion would be a nice heavy stainless steel that is dishwasher and over safe.

It is for you to decide what type of cook you are, whether you enjoy every gadget and tool known to man or just a few useful tools.Hope my suggestions help you decide.

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