Goodbye New Home, Hello Old Home

The end of the school year brings along preparing for final practicals, cramming for exams, and finishing any papers at the last minute.It also means that its time to pack up all of your belongings and move home for the summer.

Crackerjack Living
While there are many perks to living on campus there will always be one bad side, the tiny size of the dorm.While this means less space to pack all of your belongings in, it also means that are less belongings to worry about in the first place.Although, it never feels that way when you have to face the daunting task of packing everything up.Here is what my dorm looked like fully decorated just before having to pack everything up:

Once I finally got over the stress of packing and just started it, the whole process of putting my whole life into boxes and bags went quite quick.It’s not easy when you have to do all the packing yourself.After three days of standing with my hands on my hips just wondering where I was going to begin, I finally decided procrastinating would get me no where.

The Great Trek
After getting some help from my family to pack up my small Toyota Rav4, it was time to say goodbye to my home and hit the road.The trip from Denver back to Ann Arbor, Michigan is about 20 hours.The two-day drive wasn’t easy by any means, but it’s nice to be able to just have a few days of alone time.Although, after having to sit in road construction and pouring rain for about 3 hours I was extremely happy to get home and jump out of my car.

While I still don’t have everything put away, there’s nothing like being home with your family.Not to mention having my own bed again versus an ancient twin mattress makes a world of difference!

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