Got a Baker's Shake

Earlier this week I was washing my hands and realized that I’ve developed what I’ll call a Baker’s Shake. Basically, after I turned off the water, I did this flick of my wrists motion to get all the excess water off before drying. Somewhat surprised at the motion, I thought back of why it seemed so familiar. Well, at this point in the game, I’ve seen several chefs make a similar motion to get excess dough and batter off their hands that they have scraped from a paddle or bowl scraper. I suddenly reveled in this new, subconscious movement….and had to laugh because this must mean all the information is being absorbed after several months in bakeshops.

That several months have literally flown by. I’m now in basic and classical cakes which is giving me a challenge with decorating. On top of this class, I’ve been doing a few mornings a week working in the post externship bread class. Its funny to think that this bakeshop is where I started a few months ago and my current bakeshop somewhat determines my future.

Cakes class also brings about our practical exam which we must pass to go on our externships. Its a bit nervewracking, but I’m doing my best to prepare and practice. Basically, we are given two days (three hours of production time each day) to produce several items from beginning to end. Just hearing the list of finished items doesn’t seem too daunting: one plain vanilla sponge cake; one decorated vanilla sponge cake; 12 plain eclairs; 12 filled and glazed eclairs; an apple strip…and then I think about the fact I need to make almost every component for those products from puff paste to chocolate fondant and I get a little scared. But I’m determined and as long as its deemed sellable…its passable (although my perfectionist side may not like it). There is obviously more to the grading than that, but it gives me a starting (or ending?) point.

Its just a day over a week away and I will survive it. I have to, I got a baker’s shake now.

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