He Said, She Said...

Just like at any other college, high school, or any other type of school; each teacher is different.Each chef here has their own style of teaching, their own rules, and very different personalities.When I started my first lab, I already knew my way around a kitchen.How to clean, have a sense of urgency, skills, etc.

The first day of classes I was nervous.I didn’t really know what to expect of the chef and how strict he would be.My nerves we quickly calmed by my chefs jokes and kinda nature.The entire class, including myself, soon got in the rhythm of what was expected of us.How do mix things, clean the room, and just take care of business.

When my first lab was over, I was ready to start with my next teacher.Thinking that first week of getting used to what the teacher wanted would not exists.But, I was wrong.When I started my next lab, the Chefs style was completely different!We would clean the table and would get yelled at right off the bat.Apparently, no one taught us how to clean a table!My second chef was much more strict, but in a good way.She taught us to move faster and work more efficiently.

When it came time to move on again, I felt even more prepared!Thinking that this last teacher would be even more strict, I prepared myself for another tongue lashing on the first day of class.But the opposite happened, my third chef almost laughed at us for cleaning so well!

“You don’t need to wash that!Just scrape it off and put more flour down,” my chef would tell us as we started to clean off our table.I remember looking at my table-mates, mouths agape, confused as to what he just said.I feel that I was lucky compared to some, having progressively more strict teachers.

Now that I am in my second year of school, its fun to look back and compare.Each teacher is so different, just like each boss you have will be so different.I guess I had this thought before coming to school that all of my classes would have the same format and feel.Like that every boss and teacher you would have are the same.

With that knowledge, I know that wherever I get a job, that I will need to bend my skills and techniques to fit my boss and co-workers.That each person I work with will be different and have different styles.

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