Healthful Tips for any Cook Part 1

Any physical job, like cooking, takes a toll on your body.So its important that you take all the steps you can to keep you from injury.I have learned some different techniques from my occupational therapist that I think all chefs should do.

Simple Stretch

Even if you are not able to fully do any of the following suggestions, you should always do some light stretching.Before going to work and every few hours that you spend at work, you should do some simple stretching to keep your body loose.When standing, bend forward, back, and from right to left, holding each bend for about 10 seconds.Make sure to stretch your calves and hamstrings, along with your arms and hands.Click here for a website that shows you some simple stretching.

How To Stand

Any cooks has to spend hours on their feet and doing just a few simple tricks make the difference between a painful work day and a day that is pain-free.

First, make sure you always stand with your feet spread apart and your knees unlocked.If you can, stand with one foot up about six inches off the floor.Use the bottom ledge of the table or a make-shift stool out of a box, making sure to switch feet every so often.If your workspace cant permit putting your feet up, put one foot back onto your toes.You cant place as much pressure on your bent foot so you should stand with both feet on the ground in between switching feet.Doing this simple action increases blood-flow throughout your legs and promotes better posture.

Please see part 2 for more information.

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