Healthful Tips for any Cook Part 2

This article is continued from Healthful Tips for any Cook part 1.

Any physical job, like cooking, takes a toll on your body. So its important that you take all the steps you can to keep you from injury. I have learned some different techniques from my occupational therapist that I think all chefs should do.

How To Lift

Most people know that bending from your knees is much better for your body than bending from your back, especially if you are lifting something.But besides this simple rule, most people don’t know the proper way to bend and lift object.

Get close to the object that you are going to lift, if possible stand with your feet right against the object.If what you are lifting isn’t on the floor than stand as close to it as you can.If getting something out of the oven, you should straddle the corner of the over door to be the closest without twisting.If lifting from a table then pull the object to you before lifting up.

Make sure your feet a shoulder width apart and bend from the knees, keeping your back straight.Stand straight up, minding your back as you lift, and tighten your stomach muscles to keep your core tight.Hold the object close to you and even place some of the weight onto your body.If you have to strain to lift the object, than ask for help.

How to Cut

Most chefs have already been trained on how to cut properly but here are so tips to make sure you still are.Try make sure you are not moving your wrist much when chopping.Always make sure you knives are as sharp as they can be and make sure you are using the right tool for the job, even if you think it doesn’t make a difference.There are actually a number of ergonomic kitchen tools that you can buy, but I would recommend talking with you doctor first because some insurances will actually pay for them with a simple prescription.

Other Suggestions
Don’t forget to wear shoes with good support.Isuggest Dansko Professional line of shoes, they may cost you a little more but they are worth the money.I have had my Dansko kitchen shoes for almost 6 years now and they still look brand new; and these shoes usually keep me from having any pain in my feet!

Always remember to see a doctor if you have any persistent or intense pain.Even if you think the pain is nothing, there may be something more and your Doctor can usually help.Although, if you follow these simple tricks you may never have that problem!

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