Healthy Road Food? What's That?

I am finally moved into my new apartment in Denver. I left a little over a week ago from Michigan to drive out here to Colorado and into a newly remodeled apartment. Even though I rented a trailer, I still had to pack my entire Rav4 completely full with my belongings. I was finally moving out, and for good. I was actually taking everything (well with the exception of my baby books, a side table, and a dirty rotating fan) and starting a new chapter of my life that means that my old home was no longer home. It is now my Mothers’ home.

There was so much stuff shoved into every little crevice of my car and trailer that the only space for me was this perfect square around the drivers seat. There were lamp shades piled up on the arm rest leaning right next to my head and even a plant squished in between two duffel bags which made it hard for me to see my side mirror.

Road Food
Well, with such little space this leaves little room for any pre-bought road food. One bottle of water and a fresh apple is all that I brought with me and of course they were gone with-in the first 2 hours. As someone who despises fast food or anything like fast food this makes a 1,500 mile journey a little difficult. Pulling into no-wheres-ville, Iowa with only a gas station and McDonald’s made my dining options a little difficult.

So, do you go for the fried pre-cooked food or the shelf-stable snacks that have enough preservatives to last until Armageddon? Well, I decided to try my fate at McDonald’s. Thankfully they make it a little easier on the health conscious by offering salads, but beware-just because its green doesn’t mean its good for you. Ask for your salad minus the fried or grilled chicken and only use half of the dressing they give you. Some of these fast food salads can have more calories than a regular hamburger!

I liked to walk inside the gas stop each time I pulled off, some places have fresh fruit and great alternatives like plain nuts or baked crackers. You can even ask if they know of a grocery store that is close enough that you won’t lose time on your trip but will be able to find some healthy meal options.

When you are driving through the great plains though, it seems inevitable that you will have to eat at a fast food joint at least once. When you drive for six hours and the only thing you pass is a Taco Bell…well what other option do you have?

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