Helping with a Spring Wine Dinner.....

This past Sunday I helped a group of my fellow peers execute a Spring wine dinner at my boss’s resort.
Here’s the menu:

An Amuse Bouche
Venison Cudighi Sausage on Brioche
Roasted Grape Tomato
Caramelized Pearl Onion
Zingerman’s Bridge Water Cheese
Sauvignon Blanc

First Course
Wild Indian Popcorn Crusted Whitefish
Sauteed Fiddlehead Ferns
Lobster & Black Garlic Hollandaise

Second Course
Pheasant Consomme
Julienned Morel Mushrooms
Truffle Oil
Pinot Noir

Third Course
Baby Spinach Greens with Warmed Charred Ramp & Basil Vinaigrette
Crispy Apple Wood Smoked Bacon
Duck “Fried” Egg
Unoaked Chardonnay

Fourth Course
Mixed Grille ~ Beef Tenderloin & Lamb Chop
Baby Asparagus
White Potato Puree
Blueberry & Whole Grain Mustard Demi~Glace
Mint & Parsley Oil

Fifth and final Course
“The Bomb”
Italian Gelato on a Dense Chocolate Brownie
Drenched in Ganache and Masked in Italian Meringue
With a Strawberry Mint Concasse

The wines we featured came from New Zealand. I was too busy to catch the names….sorry.

I was one of a couple of guest Chefs who featured their course. Mine was the Pheasant Consomme. I enjoyed working with the young ones who had no experience in “rafting” stocks other than what they learned in the textbooks. My preparations were new to them and I felt honored to be able to share my knowledge.

The older more experienced Chefs had a field day with the students as they (the kids) would tell us how they do this or that, and we all knew they were still quite green behind the ears. Some of them would INSIST they knew better or had a “trick” or two up their sleeves, that they had learned along the way, but we KNEW that most of their ideas were not in keeping with true culinary standards, and were the result of working with Chefs who took the easy way out or tried to circumvent standard operating procedures.

I enjoyed razing the young lad about making Hollendaise in the blender without cooking the yolks. My peers accused him of using Knoor packaged mix. We got him highly agitated to the point he had to walk away.

Then the Certified Executive Chef amongst us took him by the hand and showed him the classical way to make the sauce. I’m sure he will never forget how now, and his arm will hurt all day tomorrow.
It was truly a moment to relish and all you Chef’s out there who are reading this are secretly smiling inside.

So….enough talk…how bout some pictures

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