Holds and Preventions

Well, I finally worked out all the holds on my account at school that was there due to procrastination.. Holds are placed on your account to prevent you from registering for a number of reasons. There’s various holds they can place on your account. If you’ve missed a registration deadline, or missed a deadline for some other type of paper work for your classes they place a SAS (Student Academic Service) hold.. If you have financial issues, and don’t get it worked out in time, they’ll place a SFS (Student financial service) hold.. If there’s an issue with your paper work in the health services department, they”ll put a health services hold. A Library Hold will be placed against your degree if you have outstanding library fees, And the list goes on and on..

The Hold I had was a health services hold.. When I started school, I had to have my hepatitis b vaccines. The shot comes in 3 stages.. you get the first one.. the next one you get a month later.. and the next one you get six months later. I never got the 3rd vaccine, so they placed a health services hold on my account. At the nurses office on the 2nd floor of the school, they offer various vaccines and a doctor on staff once or twice a week, not to mention the necessary remedies for the inevitable boo boos a culinary student will encounter (cuts and burns). The flu shot, and the second stage hep shot was free at the nurses office, but when I went to get my 3rd stage, it cost me 20 dollars.. I’m not sure why actually.. perhaps it was due to the fact that it was during the summer and not the school year, therefore my school health insurance that comes included in tuition did not cover it..

Anyways, the whole point I’m trying to make is don’t be a procrastinator.. Register for classes on time, pay attention to dead lines, and stay on top of your holds! Until Next time.

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