Holiday Hangover

Post Thanksgiving hangover got you down? No one said it would be easy pounding that spectacularly large caloric meal, but you trooped through it. Any chef worth his weight would be proud of the gorgeous meal that they prepare on one of the most sacred cooking days of the year. Maybe you gave some leftovers away, but what exactly can you do with the rest in the fridge? Well, lets go have a quick looksie shall we?

Leftovers Are Not JUST Leftover

My old chef at the Culinary Institute of America, from my skills 2 class, once told me great chefs can make magic using ingredients, but to be truly excellent, one should be able to make new meals using the remnants of a previous meal. So we have mashed potatoes, sweet corn, turkey breasts, and some creamed spinach. To most people, this will slowly be whittled away through frequent trips to the fridge. For me, this is the making of today's dinner.

If I take some old frozen pie crusts, lay them in a pie tin, then layer the mashed potatoes on the bottom. Follow with spinach, then corn, and chop up that leftover turkey and toss it in. Add a little bit of turkey gravy (which will undoubtedly still be in the fridge) and cover with another pie crust. Seal the two crusts together, using a fork, and bake at 350 for about half an hour. Voila! Turkey pot pie a la leftover.

Dessert Isn't Dessert Unless It Is Awesome

Apple pies, pecan pie, cherry pie... what's the difference? It's all pie.According to the New York Times, pie should replace the cupcake as the go to standard for trendy desserts.I personally prefer the good old American classic, apple pie, over some overpriced sugar laden cake. If you have any of that pecan and apple pie left I'm going to tell you how to make something brand new for tonight.

First, scrape out all the good filling from both pies into separate containers. Then grab some pastry dough, and roll it into thin sheets. Take your two fillings, mix together in a food processor till blended, try not to chop up the pecans into goo. Use a little water on the dough before you place the filling in a rectangular shape.Roll the dough back over into a Stromboli-like shape. Take a knife and cut a few light slits into the top of the dough so to allow air in and out. Seal all remaining openings with a fork edge (like before) and egg wash the outside crust. Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes. When you take your new giant turnover out, let it sit for roughly ten minutes then sprinkle some confectioners sugar to finish.

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