How To Get A Job In The Food Industry

The saying goes, “people always have to eat, and people always have to go to the hospital”.This phrase was written to express that when the economy is bad and unemployment is high, the food industry and the health industry are the safest places for jobs.Yet, in today’s economy no one job is safe.

There are a plethora of new online sites like and craigslist jobs that can help you find a job in your area.There is also the option of scouring the classified ads of your local newspaper to find an opening, or even cold calling your desired place of business.Though today, if you are seeking a job in the food service industry there is only one truly reliable and quick was to find a job: networking.Networking is finding a job through people that you know or have recently met.Your friends, teachers, and acquaintances are you best recourse for getting a job at a restaurant or bakery.

From when I first started working the floor as a server at The Grand Lux Cafe, I am constantly meeting new people.Some of these people are great networking contacts.Different restaurant owers and managers, or just people whom know who what places hiring.Even though I currently have a job and am happy where I work, I always take business cards and phone numbers from the people I meet.You never know when you could use a name on the inside.Networking is usually the best way to know what businesses are hiring before it is publicised, making your chances of getting a job that much higher.

If you are currently in school, you chefs are the best resources to find a job in your area.Not only will your teachers know most of the business owens in the area but they will also be able to give that person a good recommendation on your behalf.Remember, even if you do not end up getting a job it is important to keep in contact with that person and to thank them for any work they do for you.There is always the possibility that down the road a new and better position could come available.

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