I got skills: life after the internship

Sadly, this is my last week with America’s Test Kitchen, with Friday being the last day of my internship. I wish I could stay longer, but I’m anxious to get back to my family, back to my kitchen (and blog), back to school, and back into the workforce. I have some exciting interviews lined up when I get back to Orlando. If neither of those interviews work out, we’ve been entertaining the thought of moving back to New England should ATK be inclined to offer me a position at any point during the year.

While at ATK, I have been immersed in their culture – dunked, drenched, and soaking in it for three months; it’s been amazing. I’ve honed my recipe development skills to the point of madness (the good kind); I’ve improved my knife skills; and I’ve learned even more about television and radio production. Best of all, I’ve been exposed to their editors and editorial meetings, which were like gold to me.

Today I receive my overall evaluation and critique on the muffin project and 1000 word story I wrote for the recipe. I’m nervous, but anxious to hear their feedback. We’ve been told that our group of interns have been exceptional, which makes me feel great to hear.

I’m dreading tomorrow when I have to say goodbye to everyone. Even though it’s only been three months, the four other interns and I have become fast friends, and I’ve bonded with many of the cooks who work here full time. I stayed up until midnight writing thank you notes last night, which doesn’t seem enough to convey how grateful I am to have experienced ATK.

Saturday I begin the drive back to Orlando. Safe travels!

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