I Prefer Cold Milk.

Its about 3:45 Am right now, and I am wide awake.For the past few nights I have been having some trouble sleeping.Tonight, instead of lying in bed and pretending to be tired while a million and one stressors run through my head I thought I would write.

I know plenty of people who have trouble sleeping from time to time; I’m sure you have once or twice in your life.Of course there are the people who suggest a warm glass of milk to help you fall asleep, having some midnight breakfast if your hungry, or taking a hot bath to relax.I’ve always hated warm milk, I prefer mine ice cold, I don’t really like eating so late at night, and taking a hot bath only wakes me up more.

For me, I have found that doing some midnight baking is what helps me!For years I have always found baking helps me to releve stress.Baking and cooking gives me a chance to clear my head and not worry about stressful things.

So yesterday, when it was about 3:30 in the morning and I was tired of laying in bed I got up.Normally when I cant sleep I will come out to the living room and read a book or watch some TV to pass the time, but I felt like trying something different.So, I made a cake!

Luckily I had all of the ingredients in our tiny dorm room, usually I don’t have much more than some coffee, breakfast food, and a gallon of milk.It was kind fun to make the cake by hand, seeing as I didn’t want to use a mixer and wake up my roommate.Once the cake was in the oven and the kitchen was cleaned up I was completely relaxed.

When the cake was done, I pulled it out of the oven to cool off, covered it and went back to my bed.Not only was I completely relaxed and ready to sleep but the smell of a freshly made cake was bonus for falling asleep!Although I had to get back up in two hours to go to work, it slept quite well after that.

So, if you love baking too, next time you cant sleep try making a cake or some brownies.I think in a few mins I am going to make some chocolate chip cookies!Goodnight.

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