I Smell Like Kitchen

I’ve been at least an hour early for my internship every day this week. There’s no happy medium when it comes to riding the T in Boston — I’m either late, or really early. I don’t mind though — I love being in the kitchen in the early morning. It’s quiet, relaxed and often surreal (I still can’t believe I’m there). Sometimes I’ll find one or two chefs prepping and styling food for a photo or video shoot. Sometimes I’ll see “the boss” coming into the test kitchen for a cup of coffee. I usually take my time setting up my station and then will either spend a while researching recipes or just dive right into my work for the day.

I’ve adjusted nicely to the 5 a.m. wake up call (thanks to the snooze button), and being on my feet all day. I need new shoes though; my feet are killing me. Any recommendations?

If you’ve ever doubted whether or not recipes are truly tested until perfect, be rest assured, they are. I’ve been working on a couple of recipes that I’ve mised and helped cook over 25 times…and we’re not done yet. Once a recipe is ready, it’s presented to the editorial team for tasting. Sometimes it’s informal, with everyone gathered around the counter in the main kitchen, tasting and evaluating. Sometimes it’s very formal, with a blind tasting and evaluation cards. Everything is taste tested, no matter the outcome. Whether meat comes out tough, bread is burnt, or baked goods are runny, the recipes are put out for critique. I never thought I’d be so sick of food, but after testing a recipe 25 times, and having to take a bite of every single test, I never want to see those foods again.

Everyone at the test kitchen has been incredibly helpful and understanding as our group of interns settles in for the long haul. I noticed my hair and clothes smell like “kitchen” at the end of the day. I feel like I’ve finally been inducted.

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