I'm BFFs with Baking Soda

This week, during my internship, I became best friends with baking soda. We started with "come here often?" and quickly moved to "what are you doing after?" Its cousin, baking powder, and I became buddies as well. I can't tell you what I was baking (trade secret), but I can tell you that I've personally baked it at least 15 times, and the test cook and other interns have added to that count on the days I was busy with other projects - I think the running total is at least 40 times. I've learned more about baking and the science behind baking in the last four weeks, than I did in one school semester. I never want to eat this particular recipe again, as long as I live, but it has made me a better cook and baker, for sure.

As promised (to myself), I slowed down, double checked everything, and was precise, resulting in zero cooking mistakes. Next week, I'm the lead intern, which basically means I'm the point person for any deliveries or general kitchen questions. I also switch from the Magazine Team to the Cook Book Team. I'll miss working with the Magazine Team, but excited to move from baking into savory cooking.

We'll be getting our internship projects in the next few weeks - we have to develop, test and write a 1000 word recipe/ingredient based story. I started practicing my magazine voice on my blog the other day and think I came pretty close: Saturday Night Fish Fry. What do you think…does it sound like the ATK voice?

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