It Feels Good To Be Back!

When I was 13 I broke my wrist playing on a trampoline; since then I have had an increasing amount of pain in my wrist and hand.Up until the past two years I have been able to do just about regular activity…including baking.Although, as the pain in my wrist intensified (as well as the pain in my back) it became hard for me to do any activity from kneading fondant to typing blogs.

The Plan
When I moved back home to Michigan this past spring I started talking with my Orthopedic Surgeon about what the next step was to get it fixed, he scheduled the date to have an arthroscopy and carple tunnel release.

Finding new means
In the meantime I found ways to work around my wrist, like buying an extra wrist brace so that just incase it gets dirty I don’t have to wait for it to dry, or using my elbow and body weight to hold bowls.It’s amazing how easily you can learn to adapt in situations like this and learn new techniques that will help you continue your everyday tasks.

A little over a month ago, I was wheeled into the operating room to have my wrist fixed.After having the carple tunnel release they moved onto the arthroscopy where they debrided a torn ligament on the side of my wrist.Once I was awake after surgery, I could already feel immediate pain relief.

Now a month later my hand is still feeling good and getting better everyday.While it is still hard to move around or lift anything over 3 pounds, as you can tell I am already back to typing!Hopefully soon lots of baking is to come.

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