Just a Degree of Separation

It was such an amazing feeling of relief and pride as I walked down the aisle to receive my diploma at graduation.I was now officially a Certified Pastry Chef (or C.P.C.) and was graduating with my Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry Arts.

I have learned so much from this experience at Johnson and Wales University.Not only the technical and physical aspects of making everything from breads to cakes but I have gained more knowledge on how to be a professional chef.These lessons on how to work with others, how to be a manager, and how to run a kitchen are more valuable than any recipe I have ever made.

The past two years of college have not been without out their trials.Moving away from the comfort of my family plus my home in Michigan and starting a new life in Denver was difficult as well as stressful.However, the independence and maturity it brought me is something that I cannot and would not give back.I now can't wait for the summer to be done and for me to move into a new apartment.With that said, being so far away from home is not easy, as I still rely on the strength from my family members to help me get through times of strain.

Now that I am done with my baking and pastry arts degree it is time to move onto the next step: my bachelors' degree in Food Service Management.This degree will specialize in how to open, run, and manage a restaurant or any other food service establishment.The classes will vary from accounting, advanced leadership and managerial courses, to more labs such as mixology, advanced chocolates making, and storeroom.

I'm looking forward to another two years at Johnson and Wales.Hopefully it will be just as fun and life altering as the last two.I know with the help of my friends, family, and the knowledgeable chefs at school, I will be just as successful if not more.

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