Just Don't Feel Too Much

It’s nearing the end of the school year, with only 30 class days left until its time to graduate.With that thought in the back of the mind of most students, it seems that there are increasing amount of days where lethargy plagues my classroom.

When you spend 7 hours a day, everyday, with the same people you start to act like each other.The personalities in the classroom has a huge effect on how the atmosphere of the class will be.If many students work hard and have a good sense of urgency, then it carries over and the entire class works quickly and can easily move ahead in the curriculum.A classroom with a few pessimistic and negative personalities, then the feel of the class will be tense and uncomfortable.

While the majority of the students in my lab get along great and there is usually a very jovial feel about the room, lately it seems that there is at least one day a week where everyone seems to be in a funk and no one seems to get much accomplished.

When your that close with people, it just takes one person feeling down to effect the attitudes of the people around you.Today for example, most of the class seemed distracted and spent most of the day wandering the halls and peering into the windows of the other classrooms.Hopefully tomorrow we can all pull together, get the mood back up in the room, and actually get our work done!

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