Just Grin and Cake It

It is now time for my final lab for this year; Advanced Cake Decorating.I love making cakes and this class will be fairly easy for me.The only problem is that my table-mates are making it more difficult for me than I thought it would be.

On the first day of class we were all given the chance to pick our groups and sit with whoever we wanted to.I have spent the past 6 months with practically all of the same people, so I thought I would mix it up.I choose to sit with two girls that I didn’t know very well, and one of my friends.While my friend and I get along great, the rest of us do not.

While no one is outwardly mean, its apparent that I am not appreciated or wanted.Common courtesy like answering a question, helping with obviously difficult tasks, and not waiting for me to finish with something before clearing from the table are things that I have been dealing with every day.Trying to have any sort of discussion with either of these two girls is impossible, so I have decided to just grin and bare it.

These type of adversities will be encountered in any kitchen that you work in.It’s unlikely that someone will find a group of co-workers that you love and get along with perfectly.I guess now is the best time to practice dealing with difficult personalities.

I will not allow them bother me or effect my performance in class.While it will make getting through each day that much more difficult, I keep in mind that there is only a few weeks until summer break.Take it from my experience, its not worth your energy and strength to let people like this get under your skin or effect you in any way.Just be prepared for encounters such as this in the workplace, I can guarantee that no matter what profession you will come upon them.

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