Kitchen Stupidity

Lately I have not been able to sleep, so I have taken that extra time at night to catch up on episodes of Kitchen Nightmares.I started watching Gordon Ramsey shows for a few years now, and I love how mean he is to the people he works with, but in the end he completely turns around the restaurant he is helping.In every episode of Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsey brings a restaurant that is close to bankruptcy and turns it into a popular and profitable eatery.

I watched an episode recently where everything in the kitchen was rotten or frozen.The kitchen staff had zero clue as to what they were doing, and the manager just walked around the place and looked confused.Of course, as in every episode, Gordon Ramsey came in; kicked butt and turned the place around.But, every time I watch the show I wonder: how did these people even open a restaurant?!

All of these people seem so clueless!How do you open and run a business when you have to idea what your doing.I am assuming they have not been to any classes or have any experience in running a business or how to make a profit in a restaurant.The majority of the owners of these restaurants make remarks like; “this is my lifetime dream and have my entire life savings in this.”

To me, some of the changes that Ramsey makes are common sense.Like using fresh ingredients, NOT yelling at the customers, and commanding respect from your employees.How hard is it to realize that when you are serving food to a paying crowd that you should not use rotten vegetables, and that raw chicken needs to actually be refrigerated?

Instead of being entertained, I end up just feeling frustrated with the stupidity of these people.Personally, I would never attempt to be an accountant, seeing as I can barely do my own taxes!So, why attempt to do something so challenging and stressful as opening a restaurant if you don’t know what your doing? Even if running a restaurant is your life long dream, I do recommend taking a few classes before just jumping in!

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